Just For Laughs Dinner Theater is the newest and funniest dinner theater in the Tampa Bay area.

Picture of Barb & Toby Together
Picture of Barb & Toby Together
Picture of Barb & Toby Together
Picture of Barb & Toby Together
Picture of Barb & Toby Together

This live professional theater and buffet dinner is easily reached in Florida from Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Tarpon Springs,  and Bradenton/Sarasota. It’s also convenient from the Gulf Beaches of Pinellas County.

We hope you’ll make your reservation for our dinner theater by calling our box office… At the very least, please bookmark our site so you can find us when you are ready. Please take a moment to explore our site if this is your first visit here.

At our theater you will enjoy great food, great theater, friendly atmosphere, and excellent service! Tickets are $36 per person.

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Our current show runs through June 9th:

“Death by Golf”

by Gregg Kreutz

Full Cast Death By GolfWhen an escaped convict, an anxious bride, a scheming new husband, and a suspicious attorney all convene at Grandpa’s house–it doesn’t take long for Grandpa to realize he has to reschedule his golf game.

This lively combination of uproarious comedy and terrifying murder mystery revolves around the uncanny resemblance between escaped convict Tony and recent bridegroom Prescott.

Newlywed Ashley’s desperate attempt to figure out who is the real murderer is sometimes helped and sometimes hindered by her golf-fanatic grandfather and a mysterious visiting attorney named Muriel.

As the suspense mounts and the violence intensifies, Ashley slips into increasing hysteria, Muriel discovers the murderer’s evil agenda, and Grandpa, drawing upon an unsuspected hidden reserve of inner strength, fine-tunes his stroke

Death By Goilf is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

Performances are on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings of each week, plus noon matinees on Thursday and Saturday.

Tickets: Phone (727) 466-6546 to make reservations or check seating for a particular date. Leave your name and phone number, and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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Cast, Death By Golf

Cast Photo Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams
Cast Photo David Jankiewicz
David Jankiewicz
Cast Photo Brianna Anderson
Brianna Anderson
Cast Photo Barbara Anthony
Barbara Anthony