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January 25th – March 28th, 2020
Sin, Sex, & The CIA by Michael Parker, Susan Parker

Huge oil reserves have been discovered in The Chagos Islands, a vast archipelago stretching for hundreds of miles across the Indian Ocean.

O.P.E.C. is pressuring the Chagosians to join the cartel.

The Chagosians, however, are interested in placing themselves under the protection of the U.S. A secret meeting between a representative of the islands and a U.S. under secretary of state, Margaret Johnson, has been arranged in a C.I.A. safehouse in the mountains of Virgina.

Unfortunately, no one knows who the island’s representative really is.

Concerned about possible O.P.E.C. interference, the C.I.A. has sent agent Luke James to secure the cabin. An eager beaver on his first field assignment, we are left to wonder how he ever got the job.

He gets caught in all his own booby traps, manages to electrocute himself, sets himself on fire, gets a bucket stuck on his head, and if that isn’t enough, he finally locks himself in his own handcuffs!

We discover that Daniel Warren is replacing the regular safe-house caretaker, Mr. Cole, who was having some medical problems.

Daniel is an ex marine with a dry wit, who has little patience for Luke James or the C.I.A., which he calls the “Complete Idiots Academy”.

To complicate matters, he finds himself the target of Margaret Johnson’s overactive libido.

The stage is now set for the entrance of The Reverend Samuel Abernathy, a hell and damnation evangelist, who finds sin around every corner, even when there isn’t any. His car has broken down, not far from the cabin, and he is stranded.

He seeks shelter for the night, for himself and Millicent, his dowdy and innocent (or is she?) secretary.

Adding to the chaos is Heather Ann Faraday, the sexy, mysterious next door neighbor, who also needs to stay the night because her power went out in the storm.

April 4th – June 13, 2020

Killjoy by Jerry Mayer

Carol is being driven crazy by her charming monster of an ex husband, Victor, and his new wife, who employ every trick in the book to end Carol’s thousand dollar a week alimony.

Carol’s quirky kids work at Victor’s pasta restaurant chain, and Carol is sure Victor is bullying her son into an early grave.

When Carol has a passionate affair with Victor’s lawyer, they decide Victor has to die and the audience cheers its agreement.


Summer, 2020

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This Is  Our Annual Summer Intermission


September 5, 2020 – October 31, 2020

A Piece of Cake by Lucy Bennett

Penelope is determined to open a cake shop.  She rents a space, but it will need a lot of work.  She is assisted by her assistant Lizzie, and her friend David.

The shop begins to do well, her ex-boyfriend Peter re-enters her life, and the tale gets even more chaotic and funny.

No worries, it’s a piece of cake!

November 7, 2020 – December 20, 2020

Jack of Diamonds by Marcia Kash and Douglas E Hughes

Four people living in a nice retirement home face a problem when their financial advisor, who holds all their cash, is arrested for stealing people’s money.

They decide to fight back against this bad guy, and find a way to outsmart him.  All it will take is moxy, and a good plan.

This is a smart and very funny tale of friends doing what is right.

January 7, 2021 – March 20, 2021

Natalie Needs a Nightie by Neil and Caroline Schaffner

Tommy Briggs lives in apartment building.  So does a lady named Tommy Briggs.

Seems like an excellent setup for a case of mistaken identities, and that is exactly what happens.

Add in a tipsy maid, hairy legs in high heels, and whatnots, and the result is this fast-paced, and hilarious play.

March 27, 2021 – June 12, 2021

I Take This Man by Jack Sharkey

Just at the end of a marathon, Giddy finds a man lying unconscious on the ground.

Being a single lady, and always on the lookout, she says to herself, Nice guys finish last, right? So she thinks this poor guy could be Mr. Right, and she takes him home with her.

Now her thinking may be true, but he soon revives, and confusion and good old fun ensues.

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